Hey! I’m Joel, a.k.a. MEANDNOTYOU — Welcome to TeamEMARGaming, my personal collection of everything I love…video games! This is a picture of my gaming collection. It’s a little old, I have added multiple systems to this collection since this picture was taken, but I am an avid collector of all things Video Gaming and my collection is constantly growing!

My goal here is to not only have a place for me to share my love of video games, but for others to join and share their love as well. The cyber world is filled with awesome people, and I love interacting with them!

Please feel free to join the community by making an account. Tell us what games you’re currently playing, give us tips and tricks you’ve found, or if you see one of us is playing something you’re interested in, ask about it! It’s all about having fun doing what we love!

Happy Gaming!




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