Lucid Sound Gaming headset , 20% off!

If you looking for an amazing gaming headset you have to checkout Lucid Sound. I purchased the LS20 and they are amazing. They look and sound great. Visit and use my PROMO code TEAMEMAR to save 20% off your purchase. Any questions regarding the quality or questions about how they feel, ask me on here. I am very happy with these and I know you will be as well.

Happy Gaming

Help FIGHT with Tony Lee

Hey guys take a minute to read this article about my 10 year old newphew. He is fighting cancer and has been his whole life. This time around it will be the most difficult he has had to deal with. Please take the time to at least read the article and understand what the poor kid has had to go through so far in his young life. Please donate if you can, if not I understand. You can donate on the site or you can donate through PayPal on my website right here.  Either way at minimum share this link so we can reach as many people as we can, thank you for your help and support, my family really appreciates it.

Thank you

Joel Ruble